2017 NBA Draft Countdown

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What is RTD?

RealTime Draft (aka “RTD”) utilizes Patent Pending processes to create a uniquely interactive home for a community of amateur basketball scouts interested in having their opinions on NBA Draft prospects heard and valued by the league, respective franchises, the media, and their peers.
Registered users can:
  • Submit personalized rankings of NBA Draft prospects. RTD then averages all user submitted rankings to generate and display an RTD community ranking of the prospects. This RTD community average ranking is continuously updated as individual user’s personalized rankings change, which creates the first ever real-time pulse and historical record of the fans’ evolving opinions on NBA Draft prospects;
  • Compete in a game against other users to determine who is best at predicting the upward and/or downward trend of the prospects on the RTD community ranking board; and,
  • Scout the prospects by rating various metrics and submitting full scouting reports.
RTD, as a whole, gives both the die-hard amateur scout and the casual fan a platform for expressing their opinion. Sign-up for free today!

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